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10 Questions to ask Before Hiring a Roofer

By Brian LePire, Owner, All County Roofing & Siding

As a roofer with over 37 years of experience, I’ve helped many homeowners deal with  roofing disasters that could have been averted by doing some research. So, with that in mind, I want to give you some questions to ask when you are getting roofing quotes, so that you can avoid your own roofing disaster. 

Here are the questions you should ask when getting quotes for roofing replacement:

1. Are you licensed and insured? 

Idaho law requires all roofing contractors to be have a state contractor’s license and carry workers compensation and commercial liability insurance. When a roofer is not insured, you put yourself at serious risk if someone is injured or killed during the roofing process. When a company is state licensed, it means that it has gone through a background check and has passed the general requirements to be a roofing contractor in the state of Idaho.

2. What is your contractor workmanship warranty? 

Shingle manufacturers warranty their shingles against manufacturer defects, but what if the contractor made a mistake or applied the shingles wrong? That’s where a contractor workmanship warranty comes in.  You need to make sure you have a workmanship warranty in case there are issues with the roof such as leaking, shingles falling off, etc.

3. What references can I call? 

Calling previous clients as references is a good way to get more information on the reliability and quality of the contractor.  Ask questions like, “How was their responsiveness,” “Where there any issues?” “How long did it take?” “Would you recommend them to your friends and family?”

4. What brands and manufacturers do you work with?

When I was looking at what manufacturers and brands to stand by, I went through every little detail there was. I looked at company history, online reputation, whether the company had any lawsuits regarding their warranties, and how durable their roofing materials were.

A quality roofing company knows that the manufacturers and brands they install directly reflects on them.

5. Does your crew follow manufacturer requirements for warranty certification? 

In order for a roof to qualify under the manufacturer’s warranty, it needs to be applied according to manufacturer requirements. Unfortunately, many crews don’t follow these requirements, instead, cutting corners to save money and time. For example, some shingle companies require the shingles be installed with a certain number of nails. However, to cut corners, a crew might use staples instead because they are faster and cheaper. The problem is that staples won’t hold, and shingles will fall off the roof.  The manufacturer won’t warranty shingles when they are improperly installed. And if your roof leaks, unless you have a contractor’s warranty, you are going to be SOL.

6. What experience does your team have? 

Although I have over 37 years of roofing experience under my belt, many homeowners may be wondering whether my team is as experienced and reliable as I am. After all, the owner of the company won’t always be the one doing everything at a job site, so the experience of his crew is equally important.

Most roofing companies will gladly prove the experience of their staff and it is best to find a company that has a reliable crew doing the work. This removes any excuses that could be made for sloppy installation work.

7. Will you remove the old roof as well?

The truth is, many companies will claim they only need to inspect the old roof before putting the new one on top. However, you can’t be sure of the damage underneath without ripping up the old roof entirely. You could be facing water damage, soft spots, pests, mold, and various other issues and not even know it if the old roof isn’t removed.

That’s why it is best to find a company that will remove the old before installing the new. This will ensure that all that potential damage is gone before creating a new foundation. 

8. Who is my point of contact if I have any concerns? 

When you call All County Roofing you can talk to anyone on our team – including myself. This kind of connectivity is so vital when dealing with a company as it not only helps you to be more informed and, in the loop, but it also helps you feel more secure in your decision to work with the company. 

9. How long will it take to complete the roof?

It seems like a simple question, but the answer is important. Are they going to complete it in a few days, or a few weeks?

10. How are you going to protect my plants and property?

When I hire a contractor to work on my house, it’s important to me that they protect my home from any damage that might occur during the construction process. It’s easy for damage to happen, windows get broken, plants get trampled, nails can pop through drywall. Make sure you know who is responsible if damage occurs. 

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“All County Roofing was great to work with! They promptly provided me with a bid that was a great price! We love our new roof! If you are looking for a good honest roofing contractor then you should call ADC Roofing!”

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“All County Roofing was great to work with! They promptly provided me with a bid that was a great price! We love our new roof! If you are looking for a good honest roofing contractor then you should call ADC Roofing!”

Karin S., Boise, Idaho